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In recent decades, and thanks to a strong, rich and diverse socio-economic background, Barcelona has become one of the European cities with the greatest economic and global impact, capable of leading an emerging area of economic activity in the south of Europe.

Its numerous assets define it as a city with great potential in the digital revolution that has altered the dimensions of investment and work.

My dream: a Mediterranean, beautiful, big Barcelona… To be a channel for beauty to be the radiance of truth, to discover all its secrets in the laws of the Universe.

Antoni Gaudí

BCN Illustration

Capital of European economic activity

favourite European city for entrepreneurs

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Startup Heatmap 2023

best city brand

According to World’s Best City Brands 2022

digital city

According to The Digital City Index 2022

most attractive city for investing and locating companies

According to Global Cities Investment Monitor 2021

best valued city in the Technology category

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city with an emerging startup ecosystem

According to The Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2021

European city with foreign direct investment for technology projects

According to Tech Cities of the Future 2021

The third favorite European city to establish a startup

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World’s Best Cities 2024

Photography Pere Navarro

“By holding the BNEW, we have positioned Barcelona as the world’s capital of the new economy, demonstrating its excellent business environment and potential to lead the development of Industry 4.0.”

Pere Navarro

Special Government Delegate in the CZFB