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Zona Franca Customs of Barcelona (ZFC) has been a strategic and distinct enclave of the business since its creation. The institution provides a service to companies with international trade relations which want to take advantage of the competitive advantages of their tax situation.

In general, free zones are EU customs areas, separated from the rest of the territory, which receive all kinds of freight. While they are governed by the special regime (for which there is no time limit) they are not subject to import duties, internal taxes (VAT or other duties) or trade policy measures.

The size of the ZFC, its activity and excellent location, next to the port, the airport, the railway freight terminus and the road network, make it a privileged logistical area. Security is ensured by a service coordinated between the Guardia Civil and private security, which operates 24/7/365.

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Zona Franca Customs also offers companies favourable conditions such as:

Speedy establishment

Companies are free to focus on their business or main activity.

Uninterrupted customs dispatch


Speedy and simple processing as a free-zone operator

The customs benefits improve company competitiveness.

The same storage area for nationalised freight and freight pending customs destination

The tax exemptions make it easier to re-ship freight free of charges to non-EU third countries or other customs-free zones. Partial shipping can be carried out.

Zona Franca operators

are exempt from having to deposit bonds or guarantees before the Tax Agency.

Excellent security

Private security and the Civil Guard, 24/7/365.

ADR storage

Specific regulated treatment of inflammable or hazardous products.

Zona Franca Customs is the only free zone in Europe represented on the managing board of the World Free Zones Organisation (WFZO). It is also a member of a number of international associations.