The circular economy

Photography Circular Economy

We are developing the EcoCircularZF project since 2018 to stimulate and generate links between companies in the industrial estate. Thanks to this symbiosis, we ensure that they are more efficient in the management of resources and waste derived from their activities

The partnership between companies and the best use of these resources allows the companies in CZFB to work towards “Zero Waste” management, making cost reductions, contributing to sustainable development and establishing a circular economy that is more consistent with the new 4.0 economy towards which our society is moving.

An industrial symbiosis



Identifying opportunities


Promoting contact between companies


Assessing synergies and their viability

Benefits for companies

Reducing the cost of managing waste

Profiting from underused resources by leasing them (warehouses, vehicles, machinery, etc.)

Reducing production costs by the use of recyclable materials

Reducing energy and water consumption

Increasing the use of renewable energies

Actions currently being carried out

Industrial Packaging Photography

Industrial packaging

Exploring inverse logistical strategies and recycling industrial packaging

Photography Water resource

Water resources

Use of regenerated water and internal use of surplus water flows on the estate

Photography Recycling

Use of organic matter

Selective and joint use of organic waste (canteens, restaurants and industrial organic waste)

Photography Urbanism

Urban planning

“Re-thinking the Free Zone” and “Think Green”

Photography Electronic Chip

Industry 4.0

5G connectivity

Photography Solar panels

Energy resources

Use the roofs on company buildings to install photovoltaic panels for self-consumption

Photography Mobility


Vehicle-sharing mobility initiatives (BusUp, Ridesharing, Reby)

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