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Barcelona Meeting Point 2018 will lead the innovation and technological revolution in the real estate industry



28 de March de 2018

  • In this sense, BMP has an Innovation Committee with professional experts that is advising the Exhibition to be able to adapt itself to the new reality of the sector and design its new lines of success for the future.
  • BMP 2018, that has redesigned its floor map inspiring itself in the Barcelona’s Eixample, will reinforce the exhibition as an international reference and showcase of the latest in innovation and real estate trends
  • Barcelona Meeting Point will count, for the first time, with an area of previously selected Startups that will present the best solutions and talent related to the real estate industry.


Barcelona Meeting Point (BMP 2018), organized by el Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona, will lead the deep transformation boosted by the new technologies that is stirring up the real estate industry with the new business models, new professional profiles, new tools, new ways of relating with clients, new opportunities… The 22nd edition of BMP 2018, to take place on October 25-28 at Hall 8 of the Montjuic-Plaza de España, Fira de Barcelona venue, was presented to the media with the proposal of becoming an international reference for the real estate industry.

Jordi Cornet, special delegate of the State at the Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona (CZFB) and president of BMP, has explained that “this year we have completely redefined Barcelona Meeting Point, reinforcing its international character, making it closer to the city of Barcelona so that visitors can take advantage of all the appeals of this unique city, redesigning the floor map to improve the visiting experience to the exhibition, boosting the latest trends and innovations in the industry, with a Symposium that will gather the main international players, creating a wide program of networking activities and worrying and offering solutions to the social challenges that the property market brings out”.

In this sense, Barcelona Meeting Point has created an Innovation Committee consisting of professional experts in the industry that, with monthly meetings, is advising the exhibition to adapt itself to the new reality in the industry to give a better answer to these new needs. “The result will be a very innovating BMP, far more appealing, that will turn the city of Barcelona into the capital of the international real estate industry in the Autumn”, said Jordi Cornet.

 Barcelona Meeting Point is facing an era of great changes to lead the new real estate industry and increase even more its international relevance. Blanca Sorigué, Managing Director of the CZFB and with a long career and experience in the organization of international exhibitions and congresses, is the new managing director of BMP. Blanca Sorigué has explained that “in the past, the real estate industry was a very traditional sector, with practically no innovation, but in the last years we have started a change in the paradigm, that is advancing in a dramatic rhythm, where the new technologies are stirring up the real estate industry and is mandatory to innovate to be competitive.” Sorigué has added that “from BMP, as an exhibition of international reference of the real estate industry in our country, we want to lead this transformation. For this purpose, we have created this Innovation Committee consisting of great industry experts that are advising and guiding us to position BMP as one of the largest real estate exhibitions in the real estate industry”.

The best experts will be at BMP’s International Symposium

Barcelona Meeting Point 2018 will compact itself and take place for four days, from the 25th to the 28th of October, focusing in the real estate professional on the 25th and 26th of October and in the general attendance from the 25th to the 28th of October. In the professional exhibition, BMP’s International Symposium will have a very outstanding position. With the title “Trends & Innovations”, BMP’s International Symposium will gather in two days the main international players in the real estate industry: investors, family offices, business angels, risk capital, sovereign funds, developers, architects and real estate agents.

Barcelona Meeting Point will be the place where the real estate national and international issues of the present and the future will be debated. The best international experts will explain how they have faced and solved their real estate, architectonic or urban challenges. On the 25th and 26th of October, BMP’s International Symposium will deliver us the main real estate trends with a specific conference on PropTech, focusing on how do the 4.0 executives think and what criteria do they take into account at the time of making decisions.

Fernando Conde, President of Newland and member of the BMP’s Innovation Committee, has explained that “we already have the assistance confirmed of important professionals from the USA, Asia, Canada, UK, France, Nordic countries… Therefore, the international participation will be larger than ever”. Conde has added that “at the BMP International Symposium we will also deliver real estate projects that other cities are carrying out, as can be the case of San Francisco, that is aimed to the millennials. Barcelona needs to attract millennials to attract talent, thus, we must think of creative proposals that go in this direction”

Open Innovation Marketplace, where Startups will play the leading roles

Another one of BMP’s great novelties, in collaboration with La Salle Technova, will be the Open Innovation Marketplace, a new exhibition area that will attract several selected Startups that will present the best solutions and the best talent related to the real estate industry. This space will host private meetings between the Startups and the great companies. These Startups will also be able to present their projects to investors, entrepreneurs, companies in the industry and other potential partners.

At the same time, BMP will also deliver the 1st International BMP Innovation Award that will acknowledge the most outstanding project presented among all the participating Startups at the Open Innovation Marketplace. BMP will also publish a Directory with the main world Startups in the real estate industry.

A much more sectorized Exhibition

Barcelona Meeting Point will completely reorganize the floor map, as well as the access and exit points, with the purpose of facilitating the visitors’ flow through all the pavilion areas. A prestigious architecture studio has worked thoroughly to make BMP’s visitors to have the best possible experience when visiting the exhibition. The new BMP floor map is inspired in the Eixample district and has removed the main corridor, creating a single itinerary that makes it mandatory to go through the whole of the pavilion. This means that BMP will be more sectorized where the largest offer of the moment is exhibited, for purchase as well as for rent, the best financing proposals that best adapt to each case, as well as the Investors’ Clusters (dedicated to the real estate investment), Reform Point (dedicated to refurbishments and interior designs), Luxury Real Estate (deluxe real estate products) and PropTech Point (new technologies applied to the real estate industry).

As part of the General Attendance Exhibition, BMP will deliver on Saturday 27th of October several free-of-charge talks with basic ideas that all citizen must bear in mind at the time of selling or buying a property. These talks will deal on issues such as what needs to be known when contracting a mortgage loan, what rights does a real estate client/consumer have, the inherent costs at the purchase or sale of a property (agents’ commissions, notary, registration, taxes, and so on) and advices on how to show a property to be sold on-site or in the internet.

 BMP 2018 Innovation Committee

The Barcelona Meeting Point 2018 Innovation Committee members are 

  • Jordi Cornet, Special Delegate of the State at the Consorci de la Zona Franca and President of BMP
  • Juan Carlos Álvarez, Managing Director of Real Estate Business of Servihabitat
  • Gonzalo Basso, CEO of Basso Group Capital Advisors
  • Carlos Casanovas, Corporate Director of Real Estate Business of CaixaBank
  • Fernando Conde, President of Newland
  • Tonio Detrell, Economic and Financial Director at the Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona.
  • Anton Ferré, Secretary General at the Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona
  • Antonio Gámiz, MERLIN Properties Barcelona
  • Carmina Ganyet, Vice President of the Club Immobiliari Esade Alumni and Managing Director of Colonial
  • Anna Gener, Managing Director in Barcelona, Savills Aguirre Newman
  • Joan Gutés, Architect – Founding Partner, Frics B Quantium and Vice President of RICS
  • Juan Carlos Led, CEO, ABC Realty Barcelona
  • David Manchón, Commercial Managing Director, Schibsted Spain
  • Enrique Martínez-Laguna, President Club Inmobiliario Esade Alumni and Vice President of CBRE Spain
  • Josep Miguel Piqué, President of La Salle Technova Barcelona
  • Paco Sensat, Real Estate Director, Consorcio de la Zona Franca de Barcelona
  • Jordi Soldevila, CEO of Building Center
  • Blanca Sorigué, Managing Director, Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona and Barcelona Meeting Point
  • Alberto Valls, Partner of Financial Advisory, Deloitte
  • Aleix Valls, CEO and Co-Founder, Liquid


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