Pere Navarro has taken over as the new Special State Delegate in the Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona

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4 de September de 2018

Barcelona, 3 July 2018. Pere Navarro has taken over as the new Special State Delegate in the Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona (CZFB), ​​marking the beginning of a new stage for this public entity in Barcelona.

Mr Navarro was appointed on Friday, taking over as Executive Delegate and Chairman of the public body from Jordi Cornet, while the presidency of the institutional plenary rests with the Barcelona mayor Ada Colau.

Qualified in Biological Sciences at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), Pere Navarro i Morera (Terrassa, 23 December 1959) has had a long career which included spells as mayor of Terrassa, first secretary of the Socialist Party of Catalonia (PSC) between 2011 and 2014, and representative in the Parliament and Chairman of this parliamentary group.

In the private sphere, his professional career has focused on a subject that has always been committed to: strategic management of territorial planning and urban development, an area that satisfies his sensitivity to welfare and his concern for sustainability and respect for the environment.

A founding member of Juventud Socialista (Socialist Youth) in Terrassa (Barcelona), he soon became involved in social solidarity and held positions of responsibility in the PSC and in the government of Terrassa (1987). He became mayor of the third largest city in Catalonia in terms of inhabitants in 2002, a position that he held for 10 years after being re-elected in 2003, 2007 and 2011.

In 2012 he was named one of the 98 best mayors in the world by the British City Mayors Foundation, along with Bilbao mayor Iñaki Azkuna. His credentials for the nomination include actions such as leadership of the first municipal anti-crisis pact in Spain (2009), driving the Orbital Science and Technology Park 40 (2010), the signing of the local pact for culture (2011) and the creation of the first mortgage mediation office to prevent evictions (2012).

Pere Navarro’s political commitment has led him to champion activities in social organisations to assist refugees (2005-2011 ACSAR Foundation), care for people with disabilities (2007-2011 Royal Board on Disability), implementation of Information Technologies (Chairman of Localret 2006-2011) and the National Commission for Local Administration (2007-2011), as well as other municipal activities.

Navarro gained further renown in 2012 when he was the PSC candidate for the presidency of the Government of Catalonia in the elections on 25 November, followed by his appointment as first secretary of the PSC (2011-2014), later being chosen as a member of the PSOE Federal Executive Committee (from 2014 until 2016). In the PSOE he backed the federalist agreement to reform the Constitution known as the Granada Agreement (July 2013). In the Parliament of Catalonia, he was president of the Socialist Group and first secretary of the Bureau, and the driving force behind the activities of the advisory council of the Parliament on Science and Technology (CAPCIT).

In the private area, he has used his expertise in urban matters as the strategic development manager of consultancy firm IdenCity (2017-2018), specialised in strategic city and territorial planning in innovation, competitiveness, sustainability and social quality.

Click on the link: pictures delegate to see a collection of photographs of Pere Navarro on his first days with the organisation.

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