Barcelona: An attraction for major international events in 2023

Thanks to Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona (CZFB), the city will host the following events this 2023. Here with us we have:

  • Pere Navarro, CZFB’s special delegate of the State.
  • Moisés Solís, President of ALACAT (Federation of National Associations of Freight Forwarders and International Logistics Operators of Latin America and the Caribbean) organizes the 39th ALACAT Congress (7th-9th June) at SIL 2023.
  • Claudia Pellerano, President of AZFA (Free Trade Association of the Americas) organizes the 27th Conference of Zonas Francas de Iberoamérica at DFactory Barcelona (7th-9th November).
  • Miquel Serracanta, member of Board of Directors of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals that organizes the 18th edition of Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals’ Europe Conference (8th-9th June).