The challenges and obstacles to achieve equality in Spain. BWAW 2024 conclusions, with Blanca Sorigué

In this special episode of ODS5, Blanca Sorigué, General Manager of Zona Franca Barcelona, ​​breaks down the main conclusions of the 4th edition of the Barcelona Woman Acceleration Week. Highlighting the importance of showcasing female talent in traditionally male-dominated sectors, Sorigué reflects on the progress and challenges in the fight for gender equality. The General Manager of Zona Franca Barcelona emphasizes the need to encourage young women to choose technological careers and to create inclusive work environments that value interpersonal skills, where women can take on effective leadership roles and be recognized for their professional merit beyond their gender. Sorigué, a key figure in the promotion of gender equality and female talent, also shares her experience and the initiatives driven from Zona Franca de Barcelona in favor of gender equality.