Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona establishes a Sustainability Observatory in cooperation with Ecomundis

Image presentation Sustainability Observatory

Observatorio sostenibilidad

26 de May de 2023

  • Within their Directorate of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and 2030 Agenda, CZFB has boosted this project with a view to undertaking an annual monitoring of the main sustainability indicators of companies located at Zona Franca, as well as suppliers who want to be part of the new observatory.


  • Users will be able to take advantage from platform for free in order to analyse and self-manage their information in terms of sustainability and employing ISO 26000 standard and United Nations’ Agenda as bases.


Barcelona, 26 May 2023 – Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona (CZFB) –as a driving force for Industry 4.0, as well as progress towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)–, in cooperation with Ecomundis – platform developer– has established a Sustainability Observatory.

Through this new initiative, advances in terms of sustainability made by companies located at Zona Franca industrial estate, as well as by suppliers who want to be part of the project, will be evaluated and boosted.

This new observatory will allow undertaking annual monitoring of the main ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) indicators within key fields as preserving human rights, employment practices, environment, fair operating practices, subjects concerning consumers and users or the participation at community development.

It is worth stressing that users will receive higher value. They will be able to take advantage for free from, a platform developed by Ecomundis in order to analyse and self-manage their information in terms of sustainability and employing ISO 26000 standard and United Nations’ Agenda as bases.

CZFB is deeply committed towards environmental sustainability and sustainable development. Therefore, it has recently received the Social Responsibility Management System Certificate and the Certificate of Commitment to the SDGs of the 2030 Agenda from AENOR, leading company in Spain in respect of certifying management and service systems.

Developing a sustainable mobility plan, employing renewable energy resources or managing under the model “Zero waste” are some of the main examples of CZFB’s activity concerning sustainability. Consorci’s goal is reducing costs, contributing to sustainable development, and making progress towards circular economy –all of that within Industry 4.0.

DFactory Barcelona is one of CZFB’s main flagships in terms of sustainability. The 17,000-m2 building has received a Leed Gold Certification with regard to sustainability and efficiency. DFactory is an innovative ecosystem with the aim of facilitating Industry’s digitalization towards ecological transition and circular economy, as well as contributing to the creation of alliances and new, sustainable and advanced manufacturing systems.

Furthermore, CZFB promotes policies towards gender equality between companies located at the industrial estate. This is the reason why the Council for Women at Zona Franca (Consejo de la Mujer de la Zona Franca) was established. This leading project within the Industry boosts and promotes initiatives in order to give women visibility at the industrial field. In addition, CZFB has also created the Barcelona Woman Acceleration Week (BWAW), a bellwether event in charge of contributing to reach parity within the business field.

Pere Navarro –Special Delegate of the State at CZFB– explains: “We are extremely proud of keeping strengthening our vision towards sustainability. The Observatory will contribute to analyse and recognise current activities, as well as boosting and supporting improvements. Its goal is achieving a source of activity –from companies located at Zona Franca and suppliers who are also taking part– increasingly careful with the environment and based on United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.”

On the other hand, Pablo Chamorro –CEO of Ecomundis and platform developer– has highlighted: “CZFB is a forerunner company in terms of sustainability; creating this Observatory will also become fundamental for sharing this ambitious goal within its value chain.

At Ecomundis, we have been offering support to the business activity for more than two decades, with regard to sustainability analysis and reporting. Therefore, we observe the increasing importance of non-financial information management and rigour, as well as the relevance of their ESG and CSR metrics. Implementing new digital tools for facing European regulations, United Nations’ guidelines and society’s demand for transparency is undoubtedly a key task for the next months, as well as a benefit for those organizations who will pursue them. In this sense, I encourage companies who want to be part of the project to register themselves at the Observatory and to take advantage from this platform that we have made available from today at CZFB.”



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