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28 de March de 2023

  • Content sessions will address industry’s up-to-date topics; they have been gathered into 6 groups: sustainability; logistics and transport; supply chain; innovation, technology and digitalization; e-commerce, last-mille and smart mobility; and talent.
  • 320 speakers will be gathered into 91 sessions –they will take place during 3 days.
  • Due to the Fair’s 25th anniversary, it will host important international congresses. For example, ALACAT Congress’ 39th edition, CSCMP’s European Conference & European Research Seminar, ELA’s (European Logistics Association) annual congress, Eurolog, or MedaLogistics Week’s 19th


Barcelona, 28th March 2023 – The Salón Internacional de la Logística (SIL), -organized by Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona (CZFB)- has started shaping its contents after announcing the topics that will be addressed within the field called “SIL Knowledge”. Due to SIL’s 25th anniversary, CZFB is looking towards an event based on boosting businesses, contacts and market knowledge. And this is what has made this Fair the leader in the south or Europe, and one of the leaders globally, in terms of logistics, transport, intralogistics and supply chain.

Between the 7th and 9th of June, different meetings will take place as part of the SIL, which will make easier cooperation between professionals and discussion about the most important topics within the Industry. For achieving this, CZFB has just established contents and divided them into six fields: sustainability; logistics and transport; supply chain; innovation, technology and digitalization; e-commerce, last-mille and smart mobility; and talent.

Three days focused on logistics, transport and supply chain

320 speakers will be gathered into 91 sessions –they will take place during 3 days– at SIL Knowledge.

The first day, the Fair will start with a large technical day where they will talk about “Excellence in logistics and transport: digitalization and innovation within logistics and transport”, where studies focused on Industry’s competition in Spain and in different regions and in logistics’ digital transformation will be shown to assistants. This will be complemented with other two conferences called “Airfreight’s present and future” and “Supply Chain Tech”. In the same day, other topics as disruptive logistics and innovative digital technologies’ impact (5G, AI, Machine Learning, IoT, …), Smart Logistics, or the brand-new regulation of low-emission zones –with users’ and different regions administration’s points of view–, among others, will be addressed.

On the 8th of June, sessions will still be done at different schedules throughout the day. Some of them will talk about “Digital brokers: successful cases”, “FERRMED research, about traffic optimization and modal shift within the EU” or “Logistics and automatization: case of use and upcoming trends”. During this day, 15th MedPorts & Shipping Summit will take place: this is a conference created as a platform where to promote the Mediterranean as a strategic hub in terms of global maritime transport.  

On the last day, experts, assistants and visitors will profit again from a large quantity of meetings: “CZFB’s 4.0 Industry Logistics Incubator: Successful cases”, “Digital transformation within maritime and terrestrial transport”, “Chaos or logistic resilience? Paradigm shift’s analysis” or “Talent management”, which will be focused on the labour market new challenges due to new-profile demand. In addition, a special event will also take place on Friday, which will stress networking aptitudes at general and logistics businesses.

“By organizing SIL’s 25th edition, we are approaching a key moment for the Logistics and Transports Industry. This has evolved into the most important event for several regions, and CZFB, as organiser, has worked hard for establishing a contents and professional panel which live up its expectations”, Pere Navarro –Special Delegate of the State at CZFB and President of SIL– said. He added that “other international organizations’ participation –as ALACAT, CSCMP or ASCAME- gives a huge boost to the Fair, providing benefits to experts and the global industry”.

Blanca Sorigué –CEO of CZFB and SIL–, said that “Industry 4.0’s arrival is one of the newest topics; the industry is flourishing due to the influence of Bid Data, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain in terms of improving logistic processes. In addition, we will also give voice society’s requests for a greater environmental commitment for accomplishing with UN’s 2030 Agenda SDGs, which boost green logistics, the alternative of the future”.

12,000 people –from 81 different countries and from 650 companies– assisted to last edition and creating more than 7,000 networking contacts. SIL’s website provides further information about the event and allows registrations as visitors or participants.  

International organization’s support

SIL’s international nature has made it hosting again extremely important global meetings. Therefore, ALACAT Congress’ 39th edition –the largest Latin-American congress– will take place within SIL, due to an agreement between CZFB and Federation of National Associations of Freight Forwarders and International Logistics Operators of Latin America and the Caribbean (ALACAT). In additon, the European Conference & European Research Seminar –organized by CSCMP (Council Supply Chain Management Professionals)- will also take place within SIL, as well as other meetings: ELA’s (European Logistics Association) annual congress EURLOG; ASCAME’s (Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry Association) and CZFB’s Logistics and Transport in the Mediterranean Week (MedaLogistics Week), with the collaboration of Barcelona’s Chambers of Commerce and MedPorts Association.


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