The Logistics Incubator 4.0 of the Zona Franca de Barcelona incorporates 12 new projects

8 de May de 2024

  • Actiontracker, Flexyfreight, Global Forwarders (Shipment x Shipment), HermIA, Janvi Logistics, Kepler AI Logistics, Kovix, Myappssistance, Nubfreight, Sincropool, Vaive Logistics and Wecaria Tecnologies join the first high-tech incubator in Logistics 4.0 in Spain.


  • In just one year of activity, the Logistics0 Incubator has already hosted a total of 42 projects that have created 72 new jobs, made 361 new clients and received 49 awards.


Barcelona, 6 May 2024. – The Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona (CZFB) presented this morning the 12 new start-ups that have joined the Logistics 4.0 Incubator, the first high-tech incubator in Spain dedicated to industry 4.0 in the field of the logistics sector’s value chain. Promoted by the CZFB with the support of the INCYDE Foundation through the European ERDF funds, this incubator aims to provide services to the business, scientific and technological collective of different sectors associated with the logistics value chain susceptible to industry 4.0, adding technological value to both products and processes.

In an event attended by the incubated projects and the media, the special delegate of the State in the CZFB, Pere Navarro, and the general director of the CZFB, Blanca Sorigué, welcomed the new initiatives that have different focuses on emerging technologies within logistics 4.0, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), warehouse automation to optimise processes, the Internet of Things (IoT), the last mile (a key element in e-commerce) or green logistics. Actiontracker, Flexyfreight, Global Forwarders (Shipping for Shipping), HermIA, Janvi Logistics, Kepler AI Logistics, Kovix, Myappssistance, Nubfreight, Sincropool, Vaive Logistics and Wecaria Technologies are the 12 startups that have joined the Logistics 4.0 Incubator.


Pere Navarro, special delegate of the State in the CZFB, explained that “one year after the launch of the Logistics 4.0 Incubator, the balance we make is very positive and reaffirms our commitment to having a platform that offers value-added services to the business, scientific and technological community, to design innovative products and processes that are transforming the logistics industry towards a more digital sector.  connected and efficient”. Navarro recalled that “the incubated companies have managed to generate 13.6 million euros through investment rounds and/or capital increases and competitive aid, a figure that gives a good account of the potential of the initiatives we are supporting”.

For her part, Blanca Sorigué, general director of the CZFB, stressed that “the Logistics 4.0 Incubator is a great instrument for attracting talent in the logistics sector that has traditionally been unattractive to young people and that now sees it as a key sector in the economy with exciting challenges and infinite opportunities for the future”. Sorigué added that “this incubator is also a good opportunity to generate senior talent, as we have 8 initiatives that have been promoted by professionals over 50 years of age who are reorienting and diversifying some of the logistics subsectors”.


List of the 12 new incubated startups


  1. ACTIONTRACKER (Exocare): IoT technology solutions that allow you to monitor, track, protect and make informed, immediate or even predictive decisions.


  1. FLEXYFREIGHT: An online platform for optimising ocean groupage through independent cargo consolidation. It brings together supply and demand from shippers and carriers and uses intelligent algorithms to provide better use of container space.


  1. GLOBAL FORWARDERS (Shipment x Shipment): 100% digital Land Transport Operator, operating under the modality of International Freight Forwarder. Exporters and importers quote land groupage shipments instantly through their software, from anywhere in Spain to anywhere in Europe and vice versa, from a small box to 10 meters of truck, and they can hire it online in half a minute and 3 simple steps.


  1. HermIA: Software for the unification and analysis of the data generated during the supply chain to automate and optimize, through AI, the processes of importing, exporting and distributing products in containers, either for the reception of products from suppliers or for the shipment of own products.


  1. JANVI LOGISTICS: Web platform from which they help companies with temporary storage needs to achieve it through the leftover idle space of other companies, in a flexible way, and only paying for the space and time occupied.
  2. KEPLER AI LOGISTICS: An intelligent multitasking AI assistant designed to automate manual tasks and add analytical capability in logistics. The business model is SAAS (software as a service) with a monthly fee.


  1. KOVIX: Custom software development creating systems and applications that streamline operational processes and enable new businesses.


  1. MYAPPSSITANCE (Southeast Analytics): Roadside assistance company that operates in a 100% technological way. Its business model focuses on making the most of technology to offer efficient and personalized services to its logistics customers.


  1. NUBFREIGHT: An online platform that solves the problem of managing multiple prices, tracking, and unified reporting.


  1. SINCROPOOL: Platform for logistics coordination leveraged with AI: Chatbot, OCR, categorization of materials, etc. They detected the need to standardize and digitize the logistics coordination of raw materials-goods with logistics providers.


  1. VAIVE LOGISTICS: Technology startup committed to the needs of companies in the logistics sector, especially within the CEP (“Courier, Express, Parcel”) market, focusing on a last-mile delivery solution based on the use of our autonomous technology.


  1. WECARIA TECNOLOGIES: Data startup linked to the automotive, mobility and logistics sector. They connect vehicles (cars, motorcycles, vans, trucks, etc.) and extract data from the control unit to develop new models and services.


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