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The Secretary of State for Energy visits the DFactory Barcelona facilities in Zona Franca

2 de July de 2021

  • Sara Aaegesen has seen first-hand the DFactory Barcelona facilities, to be inaugurated in September.
  • The building has high energy performance and sustainability criteria, based both on limiting energy demand and on the design of efficient facilities.
  • Pere Navarro highlighted this morning the projects of the entity at the Cercle d’Economia annual meeting.

Barcelona, 17 June 2021.- The Secretary of State for Energy, Sara Aaegesen has visited the Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona (CZFB) headquarters today to learn first-hand about all the entity’s innovation projects. During her visit, Aaegesen has been able to verify the firm commitment of the CZFB with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN Agenda 2030 and the commitment to a 4.0 industry based on sustainability.

Aaegesen visited the DFactory Barcelona facilities, a project promoted by the CZFB and with Leitat as a technological partner, which has 17,000m2 dedicated to innovation that will become the main 4.0 Industry hub in Southern Europe. On her tour, she has been accompanied by the special delegate of the State in the CZFB, Pere Navarro, and Blanca Sorigué, CEO of the entity, and has been able to state that it is a building projected following criteria of high energy performance and sustainability, based on both the limitation of energy demand and the design of efficient facilities.

It will host companies that offer technology and companies that need cutting-edge technologies to develop innovative projects with the aim of finding synergies and producing in a cleaner and more sustainable way. The special delegate of the State at the CZFB, Pere Navarro, thanked Aaegesen’s visit and stressed that “Zona Franca de Barcelona will become a benchmark for a sustainable industry, completely changing the production concepts that we’ve had until now. Trucks loaded with products will leave DFactory Barcelona, ​​but the way in which they will have been produced them will have nothing to do with what we know so far. Likewise, we will be able to respond to new needs such as product customization and we will demonstrate the possibility of manufacturing closer to the recipient, reducing the impact of the supply chain”.

In addition, the Secretary of State for Energy has visited the 3D Incubator, the first European incubator of high technology in 3D printing, also promoted by the entity and Leitat, in this case with the help of ERDF funds. 68 companies have been incubated so far.

Pere Navarro participated in the annual meeting of the Cercle d’Economia

On the other hand, this morning the special delegate of the State in the CZFB participated in the annual meeting of the Cercle d’Economia held in Barcelona at a discussion table under the name “The Barcelona of 5 million” together with Aurora Catà, president from Barcelona Global; Jaume Collboni, First Deputy Mayor of the Barcelona City Council; and Josep Sánchez Llibre, president of Foment de Treball.

During the session, moderated by the economist and urban planner Alfonso Vegara, Navarro delved into the role of Barcelona and its metropolitan area as one of the engines of recovery and highlighted the CZFB projects in terms of innovation as “a great step towards the creation of the industry of the future, in the context of the new economy, which will be nurtured and at the same time will contribute to the important innovative ecosystem of the city ”.

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