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Barcelona Meeting Point 2019 doubles the contents it offers and places the highlight on networking


21 de October de 2019

  • The BMP Congress will have 4 conference rooms, over 150 domestic and foreign speakers and more than 50 conferences to analyse and debate future and present challenges in the real estate sector.
  • The Mediterranean Real Estate Forum is the greatest new feature at the BMP Congress, which will also place the focal point of interest on the Proptech industry, sustainability and the latest trends and innovations in the sector.
  • Barcelona Meeting Point will also be making a clear commitment to strengthening networking activities through Speed Dates, a “Match & Meet” and a new App that puts supply and demand in contact.

Barcelona, 26th September 2019. – The 23rd edition of Barcelona Meeting Point (BMP 2019), to be held from 16th to 19th October, is making a steadfast commitment to increasing the contents it offers, through the BMP Congress and its schedule of networking activities, to create the greatest possible number of business opportunities. In this sense, the BMP Congress of 2019 will have twice the number of conference halls as it did last year, with four instead of two. At the more than 50 sessions to be held at the prestigious BMP International Real Estate Congress, there will be presentations by over 150 speakers of national and international prestige in the real estate sector, who will analyse and debate the present and future challenges of greatest concern to the industry. In this sense, the BMP Congress will consist of four large theme areas related with trends and innovations in the sector (Innovations & Trends), sustainability and Smart Cities, Proptech and the Mediterranean Real Estate Forum, the big innovation this year, which will include a programme that places a focus on the urban real estate industry as the basic foundation for economic development in the Mediterranean region.

Within these four large sets of content themes, the transformation of the real estate sector, mobility, investment and real estate management, real estate logistics and the residential sector will be the main topics discussed. The latest forms of co-living and co-working, the most recent trends in retail, holiday rentals and hotel reservations, and urban hubs will also have sessions devoted to them as part of the BMP Congress.

BMP places the greatest possible highlight on networking

One of the most notable aspects of the upcoming edition of Barcelona Meeting Point is the emphasis it will be placing on international networking. As its very name indicates, Barcelona Meeting Point has the highly notable task of serving as a meeting point of reference for the real estate sector, helping to attract major international investors and those foreign companies that would like to do business in Spain, so that they can meet leaders and get a feel for the real estate sector here.

Another of the tools which BMP 2019 places within reach of exhibiting companies to create the largest possible number of business opportunities is what we call “Match & Meet.” BMP’s organisers give out a questionnaire to all of the fair’s visitors before the fair takes place in order to ascertain their needs involving real estate and, based on their responses, they are placed in contact with all of the exhibiting firms that can provide them with a solution. In this way, visitors at BMP can make direct contact with the exhibiting firms in which they are interested and arrange for a meeting during BMP to make the most of their visit.

BMP 2019 will also have a new App that promotes networking, contacts and business meetings. All of the participating companies can contact all those attending the BMP Congress and the speakers appearing throughout the fair, using an instant messaging system that is included in the BMP 2019 App.

You can see a photo from the last edition of BMP by clicking here.

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