Collaborative robotics and Artificial Intelligence meet at DFactory Barcelona

Photography Pere Navarro at We are cobot

we are cobot

21 de June de 2023

  • More than 200 engineers, CEOs, industry and education leaders attended the event organised by Universal Robots together with OnRobot, Robotnik and Siemens


  • The event featured an exhibition and demonstration of companies that create applications that allow the implementation of collaborative robotics in a wide range of possibilities


Barcelona, June 20, 2023 – DFactory Barcelona, the largest ecosystem of Industry 4.0 in Southern Europe, promoted and managed by the Consorci de la Zona Franca (CZFB), today hosted a conference on collaborative robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) organised by Universal Robots, along with OnRobot, Robotnik and Siemens. More than 200 people attended the event, including managers/CEOs, engineers, industrial managers, as well as an important representation from the education and research sector.

The special delegate of the State in the CZFB, Pere Navarro, welcomed the attendees and, during the event, expressed his conviction that “it is our responsibility to turn new technologies into opportunities to improve the economy, working conditions and training. And cobots play a key role in this context.”

The event, called “We are Cobots”, served to explore the possibilities of collaborative robotics and AI to transform the economy, through some success stories such as bonÀrea, Puig and HP. Regarding this, the Country Manager of Universal Robots, Jordi Pelegrí, has assured that “the success of collaborative robotics is based on the ease of use, greater flexibility of production, collaboration and safety”.

Also, Robotnik’s CMO, María Benítez, said that “the most robotised countries are the ones with the highest employment rates. Therefore, robotics cannot be seen as a threat but as an opportunity to collaborate and be more competitive”.

At the DFactory Barcelona facilities, the event featured an exhibition and demonstration section of 15 companies specialising in the creation of applications for robots that enable the implementation of collaborative robotics in a wide range of possibilities, like simple screwdriving or palletising tasks, techniques such as welding or quality inspection, or involving decisions such as those made by artificial intelligence, among others.


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