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Barcelona Free Trade Zone presents its business model to Investors and Corporates



22 de March de 2024

  • CZFB participated in a business mission on the new economy in Madrid attended by investors, institutional leaders, corporates and some of the startups of the Logistics0 Incubator.


  • The special delegate of the State to the CZFB, Pere Navarro, and the general manager of the CZFB, Blanca Sorigué, explained the entity’s commitment to innovation and transformation of the industry.


Barcelona, March 22th, 2024.- The Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona has participated this morning in a business mission on new economy that has taken place in Madrid, specifically in the offices of the public advocacy firm beBartlet. Some institutional leaders, investors -such as BCombinator, Enzo Ventures, Enisa or BStartup- or corporations of the stature of Novartis, Glovo, Cabify, Cubic Fort, eYard, Airtrace, Red Colmena or the National Association of Soft Drink Manufacturers, have been able to see first hand the business model of the Zona Franca de Barcelona.

The special delegate of the State in the Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona, Pere Navarro, has presented the drive for innovation that the entity is carrying out through two startup incubation projects: the 3D Incubator and the Logistics 4.0 Incubator. At the same time, he also highlighted the commitment they are making for the transformation of the industry towards an industry 4.0 with the creation of DFactory Barcelona, the industry 4.0 ecosystem of international reference that already has 30 companies installed in its more than 17.000 square meters. In relation to this project, Pere Navarro explained that “we are already planning the expansion of DFactory Barcelona with a second phase that will allow us to reach nearly 100,000 square meters, a fact that will position us as the country in Europe with the largest Industry 4.0 project and one of the world’s major references”.

Some of the startups that are part of the Logistics Incubator 4.0, the first high-tech Logistics 4.0 incubator in Spain, promoted by the Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona (CZFB) with the help of the Incyde Foundation and European ERDF funds, also participated in this business mission. LetMePark, Bleecker, EcoDeliver, Hardman, Estoko Logistics, Illumo Robotics, Usyncro or Eaship, among other startups, were able to show their projects to the more than 50 attendees at the event.

The general manager of the Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona, Blanca Sorigué, closed the session by recalling that “the CZFB is fully aligned with sustainability and innovation, as an essential part of progress. We are an active agent, with more than 100 years of history, an engine of dynamization of the metropolitan area of Barcelona and we are in constant movement to generate opportunities for the development of the industry of the future”. Sorigué also added that “in addition to being agents of transformation, we strive to be catalysts for innovation and growth of companies”. This morning’s event was a good example of this.




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