SIL 2023 recognizes the dedication of professionals in the sector during the Night of Logistics

Photography Nit Logística

Nit Logistica

7 de June de 2023

  • His Majesty King Felipe VI presided over the Night of Logistics of the 25th anniversary of the SIL that also had the outstanding assistance of the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Raquel Sánchez, among other authorities.


  • The gala brought together about 800 attendees and it was the prelude to the fair that plans to bring together more than 12,000 professionals, and than 650 participating companies from 40 countries.


Barcelona, 7 June 2023. – His Majesty King Felipe VI presided last night the gala of La Nit de la Logística (the Night of Logistics), held at the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya (TNC), and gave recognition to those professionals in the sector who have contributed decisively to turn the Salón Internacional de la Logística (International Logistics Exhibition, SIL) into one of the most important logistics fairs in the world, as well as the great reference of the sector in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, during the past 25 years. A total of 49 people received the recognition for their career, work, dedication and their link to the sector and the event, year after year.

His Majesty King Felipe VI was accompanied by the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Raquel Sánchez; the Government delegate in Catalonia, Carlos Prieto; the President of the SIL, Pere Navarro; and the CEO of the SIL, Blanca Sorigué, among others.

During his speech at La Nit de la Logística, the president of the SIL, Pere Navarro, stressed that “the SIL has opted for internationality, to serve as a point of union and meeting of all professionals. A place where we can see each other’s faces and talk in person, with people from Latin America, the rest of Europe, the Mediterranean, Asia and even Oceania, from all over the world. And we must continue on this path, as international partnerships are key to the implementation of new technologies and sustainability practices.” “It has been twenty-five years where the sector has undergone a major transformation. 25 years ago, very few people knew what this logistics thing was all about, and the logistics director was a person who did not occupy a strategic place within companies. Today we are talking about a strategic sector for the world economy”, Navarro added.

On her part, the general director of the SIL, Blanca Sorigué, one of the people recognized, addressed the audience on behalf of all those recognized, recalling that “the SIL was born with a clear international vocation and the vision of bringing together the best talents in the field of logistics. It was a bold move, but today, as we look around us, we can proudly say that this visionary idea was a success. 25 years of uninterrupted celebration except for the two hardest years of a pandemic that hit the entire world. After this brief period of confinement, SIL returned last year with more desire than ever, and in good health. We like to see an opportunity in every crisis, and this health crisis was, without a doubt, the opportunity to show that logistics moves the world “.

With about 800 representatives of the sector and institutions in attendance, La Nit de la Logística was the launch of what will be the 25th anniversary of the SIL, kicking off this year’s edition, which will be inaugurated this morning. The opening ceremony will take place today at 10:00 am in Hall 8 of the Montjuic-Plaza España venue of Fira de Barcelona and will be presided over by the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Raquel Sánchez, among other authorities and institutional representatives. This year, the event counts with Euskadi as an invited autonomous community that, in addition to having its own stand as an outstanding exhibitor at the fair, will hold its main event this morning at 12 noon on the SIL Knowledge B stage, where it will show its potential in the field of social, environmental and economic sustainability for the logistics of the future.

The event, which expects to surpass the 12,000 attendees of the previous edition, starts today with more than 650 participating companies, 40% international participation, the presentation of more than 150 exclusive innovations, more than 250 exhibitor events and the celebration of five international congresses with 400 speakers and 144 sessions.


Recognition in the Night of Logistics

Mercedes Álvarez (Logística Profesional); Joan Amorós (FERRMED); Francisco Aranda (UNO Logistica); Jordi Archs (Holding Condeminas); Javier Baranda (Transporte Profesional); Guillermo Belcastro (Hutchison Ports BEST); José Blásquiz (Atox Sistemas de Almacenaje); Carmen Calama (Fundación ICIL); Alba Carré (Calsina Carré); Jaime Cerezo (SCM Logistica); Judith Contel (Got Carga); José María de Simón (FEM AEM); Jordi Espin (Transprime); Ignacio García Cuenca (Goodman Spain); Jaime Gener (Linde Material Handling Iberica); Ana González (CEL); Guillermo González (FITAC); Ricardo J. Hernández (Cuadernos de Logística); Christoph Himmelskamp (PTV Group); Jaume Hugas (ESADE); Daniel Lebreton (VIIA – Las Autopistas Ferroviarias); Antonio Llobet (Consejo General de Agentes de Aduanas); Xavier Majem (FERCAM); Javier Miranda (Transporte XXI); Galo Molina (FIATA); Vicente Mompeó (M.SOFT); Pascal Moratín (Cubic Beg); José María Moré (Grupo Embalex); Arancha Mur (ANFAC); Ricardo Ochoa de Aspuru (Cadena de Suministro); Cristian Oller (Prologis); Jordi Porta (Porta Andorra); Paco Prado (Grupo Diario Editorial); Xavier Ribó (SIL); Pere Roca (Districenter); Pedro Sas (Aragón Plataforma Logística); Ignasi Sayol (Pimec Logística); Josep Serveto (Serveto); David Simó (El Canal Marítimo y Logístico); Moisés Solís (ALACAT); Blanca Sorigué (CZFB); Enric Ticó (FETEIA-OLTRA); Ramon Vázquez (ACTE); Isabel Velasco (Europlatforms); Carlos Vicedo (Valenmar); Javier Vidal (Asociación de Empresas Estibadoras portuarias de Barcelona); Aitor Vieco (El Mercantil); Victor Vilas (Andsoft), y Anwar Zibaoui (ASCAME).



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