Sustainable transport: round trips

Photography Blog Abril 2023

blog abril 2023

20 de April de 2023

One of the most important links in logistics is the goods and cargo transportation.            It’s an important fact that 75% of this transportation is carried out by road. In addition to the polluting emissions that this entails, on many occasions the trucks return to the point of origin without a load. This situation carries high economic and environmental costs.

To avoid this such inefficient and unfeasible situation, some companies started to apply some solutions included within reverse logistics, one of the biggest sector gambles to face a more efficiency and sustainable future. One of these solutions is called backhaul, based on preventing the empty travelling of the vehicle on the return trip. In this way, a route is scheduled with providers who wish to take advantage of the empty return space for their cargo. This process, apart from saving costs, time, and money, allows to reduce the carbon footprint and open up new business paths.

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