El Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona, fully committed to the SDGs

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Blog ODS

20 de April de 2021

The Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona (CZFB) carried out a deep strategic transformation in 2019, establishing a new business approach based on three axes: innovation, sustainability and business generation. Thus, the entity reinforced its position as an economic engine of the Barcelona metropolitan area with the aim of supporting and boosting its business fabric. In addition, it reaffirmed its commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations 2030 Agenda, placing them at the center of all its activities with the aim of becoming a benchmark for their implementation in the industrial and business sphere.

In line with its commitment to the SDGs, the CZFB has become specially involved with eight of them and works every day to achieve them. To promote SDG 4, related to quality education, the entity has carried out several types of agreements to enhance dual vocational training in companies. With regard to SDG 5 on gender equality, the CZFB has created the Zona Franca Women’s Council, the first one in the industrial field, together with directives from the AMB, COCEMFE, Covestro, HSEQ, TMB, Port of Barcelona, Nissan and ZAL Port, with the aim of working on parity in the sector.

Regarding SDG 7, which involves developing affordable and non-polluting energy, the steps that the CZFB has taken in this direction are to develop a plan to install photovoltaic panels in the polygon and to partner with TMB to create a hydrogeneration plant in Zona Franca.

In order to promote decent work and economic growth, as established by SDG 8, the CZFB has created the Barcelona New Economy Week (BNEW) event whose objective is precisely to reactivate Barcelona’s economy, ​​positioning it as the capital of the new economy. The CZFB has always been deeply involved on industry, innovation and infrastructure, the goals of SDG 9. Firstly with the creation and subsequent expansion of the 3DFactory Incubator, the first incubator in Europe for high technology 3D printing developed together with Leitat and with the support of ERDF funds. In the same line, next summer CZFB and Leitat will inaugurate DFactory BCN, a 17,000 m2 facility in Zona Franca that will become the most important technological hub in Southern Europe. Finally, the entity’s agreement with Correos and the Barcelona City Council to promote an economic revitalization pole in the emblematic Post Office building in Barcelona are also framed within the same SDG.

To advance in SDG 11, focused on creating sustainable cities and communities, the CZFB has implemented a policy to promote sustainable mobility in the Barcelona Free Zone. Regarding the climate action promulgated in SDG 13, the entity has encouraged the joint collection of waste in Zona Franca and enhanced the use of renewable sources for energy production. Finally, SDG 17 promotes the creation of alliances to obtain objectives. In this sense, the CZFB relies on public-private collaboration to carry out solid joint initiatives for economic and social development.

The Consorci de la Zona Franca has put special emphasis on developing the eight SDGs mentioned here. However, it is also working to achieve the rest of the SDGs within the established deadline. In this sense, it has signed agreements with social entities and NGOs to eradicate poverty, participates in campaigns to collect clothes and food, or has adhered to the Luxembourg Declaration for worker health, to offer a few examples. The CZFB strives to make the 17 Sustainable Development Goals stop being goals and become a reality.


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